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Brandon Graham was a Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Nephew, Cousin, and friend. Brandon was born and raised in Coupeville, WA. He graduated from Coupeville High School in 2007. He was loyal and passionate. He loved his children, wife, and family.


Brandon passed away by suicide in August of 2021. His family wants to honor Brandon's life by bringing suicide awareness to the community so no other families must endure the pain Brandon’s family has gone through.

“We, as a community, can provide our youth with tools to be able to work through the problems they have, and know that the community has their back.”

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Brandon Graham Foundation’s mission is to bring mental health wellness, anti-bullying, and suicide awareness to the youths in our community.


With the Brandon Graham Foundation, our focus is to support local school’s efforts in suicide prevention and anti-bullying by providing mental health wellness in the schools.


Assemblies about bullying, suicide prevention

Training to the teachers and parents

Motivational speakers

Resources for students



Make a Donation

Donations can be made at

Whidbey Island Bank


They can donate by asking for

the Brandon Graham Foundation

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